La vie galerie llc


As artists, we always feel the need to create and share our work with others. Most of us enjoy seeing and hearing the viewer's reactions to the work.  A gallery is the perfect venue to explore creativity.

The name, La Vie Galerie LLC was meant to be meaningful, empowering and inspirational, with a human essence.  It is a name that people can relate to and offers  a welcoming feeling of inclusion.  La Vie was a tribute to the individual who had the greatest influence on my life- my grandmother, Abuela Negra. The name pays tribute to our last conversation which was basically - Good Bye.  

La Vie Galerie LLC is a celebration of Life.

The gallery logo of two V's , one transposed, represents the first letter of both of our names.  Combined in this manner,  they form the letter "N" for Negra, her nickname. A gardenia, her favorite flower, was included on the logo so that her presence would always be felt.  

La Vie Galerie LLC moves away from the common perception of a gallery.  An unexpected variety of art is presented which gives the viewer a special experience each time they visit the gallery. Our goal is to establish a long-term relationship with both the artist and the patrons of the gallery.  

We are about inclusiveness, taking chances, offering a stimulating experience and celebrating life.  La Vie Galerie LLC is  interested in any form of artistic expression and artists whose work can convey a feeling to or response from the viewer.  We want to encourage artists who are passionate about their work and can offer a positive attitude to both the gallery and the gallery patrons.


The work chosen represents diversity of style yet, complementary to the entire gallery presentation. The exhibits, in each of the multiple gallery rooms, reflect our desire to showcase each artist in a harmonious manner.  

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In order to submit your work for consideration, kindly refer to the Exhibition and Submission pages for details on upcoming exhibits, when and how to submit.